/koʊd ˈnoʊ mæds/ noun a group of experienced and passionated coders that are known for their reliability, flexibility and quality of code.

Coding from 9 to 5 in a big building was yesterday. Welcome to the future of distributed coders. Welcome to {CodeNomads}.

With {CodeNomads} we’re providing fast scalable coders who code with the most modern and agile techniques. Our benefit is our big local network of highly skilled coders who are not only experienced but who also love what they do – coding.



Our experienced core team can consult you not only when it comes to designing complex software architectures but also on coding techniques or on modern and agile project management concepts such as SCRUM.

Hacking, hacking, hacking...

Sometimes it's just about hacking: batch scripts, complex web applications or tailored Content-Management-Systems is nothing new to our global team - always with highest code quality and agile methods.

Integration & Support

Bringing software pieces together making them one, using state of the art software architectures and approaches is our daily work. Supporting software solutions which we or someone else coded is a piece of cake for our team.

Alone you go faster together you go further!

The reason why we work together with different creative minds.


Adam Azani
Adam Azani

Project Manager // Junior Coder

Adam's Diploma in Finance and his affinity to tech are perfect to handle any project size and budget. His self taught coding skills are always helpful when it comes to improving and bug-fixing.

Skills: Numbers, Data Analysis, HTML & CSS, Objective-C.

Currently digging into iOS development.

Mischa Zöller
Mischa Zöller

Project Manager // Backend Expert

Mischa's experience as a IT project manager and software engineer paired with his diploma make him an expert in digital solutions. Complex software projects are an ease for him.

Skills: Symfony2, OXID, WordPress, PHP, Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Currently digging into iOS development with Swift.

Pavlos Giannakis
Pavlos Giannakis

PHP hacker // Project Manager

With his M.Sc. in Computer Science, Pavlos is not only able to tackle problems analytically and theoretically but has also several years of experience in PHP, especially in Symfony2 and Wordpress.

Skills: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress, Symfony2.

Currently digging into iOS development.

Michał Tomankiewicz
Michał Tomankiewicz

Wordpress Hacker // Frontend Expert

Michał is the youngster in our team: a highly motivated Engineer (B.A) who uses always state of the art CMS and frontend technologies and tricks to develop the best user experience.

Skills: HTML & CSS (Twitter Bootstrap), JavaScript (jQuery), PHP (Wordpress).

Currently digging into Drupal.

Let us cross the bridge for you!

High quality code made with in Frankfurt am Main


Daily passion for code is what defines us!

We’re a bunch of coders who want to solve a problem which we came across: the demand of big companies, such as digital agencies or any other cooperation to add new experienced coders to their team very quickly and without any hustle.

The approach we’re using to solve this problem is our huge network of coders. Each member of the {CodeNomads} tribe can be put immediately to a new project.

Our team is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and handles from there each project with accuracy and ambition so that quality, deadlines and commitment are ensured. Agile methods such as SCRUM and also Open Source software is a part of our dedication to solve your problem.

Grab a hot cup of with us.

Right in the middle of Frankfurt am Main!

Contact Us

Do you need some code? So please feel free to contact us! :)


Würzburger Straße 8
DE – 60385 Frankfurt am Main


Pavlos: +49 (0) 160 672 142 5
Mischa: +49 (0) 176 965 190 97
Adam: +49 (0) 176 473 988 20